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Explain the Development Trend of Bio-Organic Fertilizer!

At present, countries around the world pay great attention to sustainable development problems of agriculture, and continue to enhance the exploitation, production and application of bio-organic fertilizer. Although China’s bio-organic fertilizer industry has developed to a certain extent, due to various reasons, there are still some shortcomings that needs to be improved. In the future, China’s bio-organic fertilizer development must focus on the following three aspects.


First, improve product quality


Improve the quality of bio-organic fertilizer products, mainly from three aspects: strain breeding, process optimization and development of new products.


In the breeding of strains, the exploitation and utilization of agricultural microbial resources that promote root growth, transform soil nutrients, prevent and control soil-borne diseases, and reduce and passivate toxic and harmful substances in the rhizosphere should be increased. In addition, in order to ensure that the product maintains high biological activity during processing, transportation, storage, etc., the application of the genus Bacillus against strong reversal should be strengthened.


In terms of process optimization, R&D and establishment of different solid organic waste composting resources utilization technologies and processes, and establishment of supporting technologies and technologies according to waste from different sources to meet the needs of the multi-purpose organic waste resource utilization industry. At the same time, optimize process parameters, thereby improving product quality, shortening production cycle and reducing production costs.


In the development of new products, combined with the actual production, increase innovation. In the future, we should strengthen the research and development productivity of the new fertilizer product, Quanyuan Bio-organic Fertilizer. Quanyuan Bio-organic Fertilizer refers to a new type of bio-organic fertilizer that integrates organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer (including quick-acting fertilizer, controlled-release fertilizer, stable fertilizer) and biological fertilizer. Simply put, it is a fertilizer containing inorganic nutrients, functional bacteria and organic nutrients. It can not only provide enough nutrients for the season crops, but also increase the beneficial bacteria and organic matter in the soil, improve the microflora in the soil, and gradually turn the soil with the diseased soil and the soil with slow nutrient conversion into a healthy soil. Soil with fast nutrient conversion. In the future, we should strengthen the research and development of the new all-element bio-organic fertilizer compounding technology and process, and produce new all-element bio-organic fertilizer products suitable for different soils, different crops and different climatic conditions.


Second, standard product management


At present, there are many kinds of bio-organic fertilizer products on the market with various packages and quality. In terms of these problems, the related administrative department should strengthen the detection and supervision of products. For those who produce fake and poor quality commodity on the market, they must be severely punished.


Third, increase promotion


The government, enterprises and relevant agricultural technology departments should work together to strengthen publicity and promotion of bio-organic fertilizers. They need to demonstrate the application effect of bio-organic fertilizers to farmers through demonstration, explanation and on-site guidance, so that farmers can fundamentally understand the economic and ecological benefits of bio-organic fertilizers. So as to increased farmers’ enthusiasm for the use of bio-organic fertilizers.




Last, Looking into to the future

The development and application of bio-organic fertilizer can not only create conditions for the development of green agriculture and organic agriculture, but also realize the resource utilization  by converting treasure from organic waste, which has high economic, ecological and social benefits. A strong guarantee for the sustainable development of agriculture. In the future, bio-organic fertilizer will become a hot spot for fertilizer industry production and agricultural consumption, and it has bright development prospects.



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