Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Deodorizing method of organic fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer production line is used to produce organic fertilizer. However, the raw materials are accumulated in one place for a long time, which will produce various foul smells. These urban waste products are processed by organic fertilizer production lines and turned into useful organic fertilizers to contribute to our agricultural business. How do these urban waste organic fertilizer equipment deodorize? The following are the ways to eliminate odor.
1. Adsorption method 2. Air dilution method 3. Ozone oxidation method 4. Masking method 5. Chemical treatment method 6. Water washing method 7. Combustion method

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
The above methods are one of the deodorization methods in the organic fertilizer production line. The methods used in each organic fertilizer production line are different. Each method also has its own adaptive deodorization methods and systems. If we produce the organic fertilizer process without deodorization system, we will definitely receive complaints from nearby residents. Therefore, the first thing we do in the production of organic fertilizer is to deodorize these raw materials first. The deodorizing system is an essential for the organic fertilizer production line.



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