Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Analysis of Disc Granulator Technical -2

The small particle group formed by the powder added from the feeding tube and the droplet sprayed by the liquid material sprayer, during the rotation process, the small particle group is caused by the gravity and centrifugal force generated by the inclined disc during the rotation process. Rolling down the side of the disk and constantly adhering the powder to increase the particles. At the same time, due to the friction between the material and the disc, the particles roll up with the disc. When the position of the scraper is reached, the un-ball powder passes through the gap between the scraper and the bottom of the disc, while most of the particles are scraped. The powder is again adhered during the rolling process from the bottom of the plate to the edge of the disk. After repeated cycles, the particles are small to large, reaching the particle size of the finished product and overflowing from the edge of the disk.

The granulation factors affecting the disc granulator are mainly the diameter of the disc, the inclination of the disc, the height of the disc side, the rotational speed, the position of the liquid spray, and the position of the scraper.

The granulation process of the disc granulation equipment and the factors affecting granulation are as described above, and the factors affecting the appearance, quality and nutrient content of the fertilizer granules are also included in the production.



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