Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Advantages of Manure and Its Application

The nutrient that contains in muck fertilizer is more comprehensive, and its fertilizer effect is stable and abiding. It not only contains a variety of large and medium micronutrient elements, but also contains some substances that can stimulate root growth and a variety of beneficial soil microorganisms, which can improve the soil structure, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, make the soil soft, improve soil moisture and air conditions, and facilitate root growth.Increase soil fertility and water retention; Raise ground temperature, promote the activity of beneficial microorganism in soil and breed.

The use of manure should be thoroughly decomposed. The manure is decomposed quickly and is beneficial to plant absorption. At the same time, the high temperature anaerobic environment of 60-70 ℃, most of the harmful eggs and weed seeds will die. There are three commonly used manures. method:

  1. In summer, the shed has a long fallow period, which can be combined with the hot and stuffy shed to conduct the rot and maturation of the manure. The process of rot and maturation fermentation is also a process of soil improvement. In the process of fermentation and maturation, the microorganisms in the soil are very active, which can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure.
  2. Second, there is enough time outside the pile stuffy natural compost fermentation, and a short time can be used in the pile stuffy maturation biological maturation agent.
  3. The use of rapid fermentation agent commonly used ETS flora, etc., can shorten the fermentation maturity time.


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