Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to store fertilizer?

1 If it is organic fertilizer, such as earthworm fertilizer, cake fertilizer, bone meal, carapace, plant ash, etc., there is basically no shelf life, as long as it is packed in a sealed bag or bottle, it can be used for a long time.
2 Some of the inorganic fertilizers have a shelf life, such as urea nitrogen fertilizers, ferrous sulfate, etc.. If they are not well stored, they will be decomposed or oxidized, resulting in reduced fertilizer content or even complete failure. There are also some inorganic fertilizers, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate, which are very stable and can be stored in a bottle and can be effective for a long time.

3 The organic fertilizer should be stored in a dry place in the warehouse, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. Organic fertilizers are generally easy to dissolve in water, and are easily agglomerated or turned into liquids to be lost after being damp or wet, which seriously affects fertilizer efficiency. Be careful not to damage the packaging bag during storage, do not pile it up outdoors. You should also use a wooden plank to pad it indoors, 0.3 meters above the ground, and don’t pile the organic fertilizer too high.
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