Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to make organic fertilizer?

The raw materials of organic fertilizers are mostly livestock and poultry manure, biogas waste, slag cakes, etc. Organic fertilizers improve soil structure and reduce soil water loss. Thereby improving the soil quality of the soil buffer capacity and fertilizer retention capacity. So how to produce organic fertilizer?
Now is the era of mechanical automation, and the processing and production of organic fertilizers are also processed by fully automated organic fertilizer equipment production lines. The organic fertilizer production line includes: dehydrator, double-shaft mixer, fermentation turning machine, semi-wet material pulverizer, automatic batching machine, screening machine, belt conveyor, granulator, weighing and packaging machine, etc.

Processing process: Firstly, determine the water content of the raw materials. When the water content is too much, use a dehydrator to properly remove the water. After the fecal water content is moderate, add starter and auxiliary materials to the raw materials, and use an organic fertilizer mixer to mix the raw materials.
After the starter and auxiliary materials are mixed evenly, the fermentation equipment can be used. After successful fermentation, the original livestock and poultry manure becomes organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is pulverized again with a pulverizer, and the next step is to use a vibrating screener to sieve out large pieces of organic fertilizer. After re-pulverize, and then use a rotary drum granulator for granulation. Finally, the granular fertilizer is packaged.
Our organic fertilizer equipment is complete in specifications and quality, and all indicators meet or exceed national standards. After fermentation, you can make powder or granular fertilizer. We have realized one-stop service for design, manufacture, installation, debugging, technical training. Different models and configurations is different price. Welcome to contact us for details.



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