Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to choose a compost turner?

Everyone who makes organic fertilizer knows that an important criterion for the quality of organic fertilizer is whether it has been thoroughly decomposed. The fermentation of organic fertilizer is inseparable from the fermentation equipment.
A good compost turner can produce organic fertilizer with high quality. After all, the turning machine is an indispensable part of the organic fertilizer production line. There are many kinds of compost turner. And the compost turner is divided into groove type fermentation and ground fermentation from the fermentation method.

One of the criteria for choosing a compost turner is to combine the local conditions. Generally speaking, the investment of the groove type compost turner is slightly larger than that of the ground type compost turner. The investment is mainly in the construction of the groove. The obvious advantages of groove type compost turner is that it saves space and it is environmentally friendly. This is a good choice for the requirements of limited land or environmental protection. Welcome to contact us for more details.



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